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  • It's Dark In Hell 
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Mining to find gold, you fell through into hell. But your biggest problem isn't the flames - it's the shadows. You'll have to activate totem poles to generate enough temporary light so you can pick up the gold ingots. Collect them all to open the exit door. Use the arrow keys to steer your character.

It's Dark In Hell is a free flash game. It is part of the Action Games, sub-category Platforms. It's Dark In Hell is the exclusive property of its respective authors, but it is made available to you for free. Once you have played the game, please rate it It's Dark In Hell, and add a comment for other players. Who knows, you might find players who know the tricks for playing It's Dark In Hell to help you get farther.

Tags : fire | shadow | trap | hell | Super Mario Bros | black | flame

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  • TNvwJCvKRIc Post Friday 1 July 2011 at 13:09:56

    HHIS I shloud have thought of that!

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