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  • Chinese Chef  

    Card Games

    Chinese Chef is a game that will appeal to your memory. Turn over cards, two ...

  • Cardigo  

    Card Games

    The goal in Cardigo is to score enough points to finish a level before time ...

  • Vegas Poker Solitaire  

    Card Games > Poker

    In Vegas Poker Solitaire, place the cards available into the grid. The goal is ...

  • Pit Boss  

    Card Games

    Pit Boss is a card game whose goal is to win all of the playing cards before ...

  • Throw Your Card Right  

    Casino Games

    In Throw Your Card Right, your goal is to throw your card into the hat. To ...

  • Blackjack  

    Card Games

    Ready for a game of Blackjack? Here's a quick refresher on the rules: the goal ...

  • Blackjack Paper  

    Card Games

    The goal of blackjack is to score 21 or as close to it as possible with your ...

  • Headspin - Card Quest  

    Card Games

    Headspin - Card Quest is a card game. The game area is divided into two parts. ...

  • Colosseum Blackjack  

    Card Games

    Here's a quick refresher on the rules for the card game Blackjack: the goal is ...

  • Pieces Of Horus  

    Thinking Games

    Pieces Of Horus is a thinking game where you have to put Egyptian treasures ...

  • Master Of Blackjack  

    Card Games

    Ready for a game of Blackjack? A brief reminder on the rules of the game: the ...

  • Flash Pairs  

    Thinking Games

    Flash Pairs is a memory game in which you have to find matching pairs of cards. ...

  • Mario Mushroom Memory  

    Thinking Games

    Mario has brought together all his friends for a game of memory, where you need ...

  • Quickfire Poker  

    Card Games > Poker

    Quickfire Poker is a card game that combines poker and solitaire. Move the rows ...

  • Card Rush 2  

    Number Games

    The idea behind Card Rush is simple: you have to eliminate the numbered cards ...

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