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  • Heru  

    Action Games

    Heru is similar to Zuma. Use the mouse to aim a cannon to shoot a ball into a ...

  • Addicta Kicks  

    Sports Games > Soccer

    In the soccer game Addicta Kicks, you'll practice shooting at the goal. Click ...

  • Penalty Fever  

    Sports Games > Soccer

    Penalty Fever makes you part of a world cup with only penalties. Choose your ...

  • Adam The Archer  

    Shooting Games

    In Adam The Archer, the main goal is to shoot an arrow at the target. But to be ...

  • Castle Fight  

    Action Games

    The object of Castle Fight is to protect your energy generator from your ...

  • Sieger  

    Shooting Games

    The goal of Sieger is to destroy castles and their occupants by shooting stone ...

  • Sift Heads World - Act 1  

    Shooting Games

    The Sift Heads universe is back with a new series. Here's the first act of Sift ...

  • Gibbets  

    Shooting Games

    Wanting to save a man on the point of being hanged - that's very noble. But you ...

  • Call Of Bieber  

    Shooting Games

    He may look like a slender, innocent young man and have a voice closer to a ...

  • Boxhead Zombie Wars  

    Shooting Games

    In Boxhead Zombie Wars, you fight off hords of zombies and other dead creatures ...

  • Hit The Jackpot 2  

    Sports Games

    Ready to face off against new competitors in archery? Take part in competitions ...

  • Sniper Assassin - 3  

    Shooting Games

    Are you a good sniper? In this third episode of Sniper Assassin, you'll have ...

  • Hitstick 3  

    Shooting Games

    This is the third installment of Hitstick, called Deadly Breeze. As in the ...

  • Crystal Balls  

    Action Games

    In Crystal Balls you have to line up crystal balls to destroy them until you ...

  • Deep Freeze  

    Shooting Games

    Play as Santa Clause in the Deep Freeze. Freeze your enemies and throw them at ...

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