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  • 10 Gnomes 9  

    Thinking Games

    The ninth installment of the gnome chase in 10 Gnomes 9. Use the mouse to ...

  • Penguin Push  

    Thinking Games

    Penguin Push is inspired by the popular thinking and logic game Sokoban. The ...

  • The Circular Blot - 2  

    Action Games

    This is the second episode of The Circular Blot. Use the mouse to control a ...

  • Tetris Race  

    Action Games

    In Tetris Race, eliminate the colored blocks as quickly as you can. Click on a ...

  • Timmy The Caveman  

    Action Games

    Timmy is a prehistoric man who must protect his woman from the falling volcanic ...

  • Tiny Hawk  

    Action Games

    In Tiny Hawk, guide a skater's jumps so he gathers all the rubies on each ...

  • Jess Waterfall Jumps  

    Action Games > Platforms

    In Jess Waterfall Jumps, you use the mouse to help the little girl Jess go down ...

  • Diamonds Transporter  

    Racing Games

    In Diamonds Transporter, you drive a truck that is transporting gemstones. Use ...

  • Meez Adventure  

    Action Games > Platforms

    Meez Adventure is a platform game in which you control a young girl (chosen at ...

  • Chubby Ninja  

    Action Games > Platforms

    Here's a ninja who likes to climb. In Chubby Ninja, guide the ninja, making him ...

  • Mir And Ror  

    Action Games

    Mir and Ror are two little characters, one green and the other purple, who ...

  • Larry - Big Dipper  

    Action Games

    Help the hero, Larry, avoid all the rocks and collect the most gemstones. Use ...

  • Andrew The Droid  

    Thinking Games

    In Andrew The Droid, you'll help a little robot get out of each room it enters. ...

  • Jewel Bubble  

    Action Games

    In Jewel Bubble, you steer a little robot to collect all the jewels and stars. ...

  • Cable Miner  

    Action Games

    Cable Miner is disorienting at first because, to start right, you must know one ...

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