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  • Rage Truck  

    Racing Games > Cars

    In Rage Truck, drive a truck through the city with the goal of destroying the ...

  • RPG Rider  

    Action Games

    In RPG Rider, you'll find one of the heroes from the Final Fantasy game series ...

  • F1 Challenge  

    Racing Games > Cars

    F1 Challenge lets you take part in Formula 1 races. Use the arrow keys to steer ...

  • Mini Monster Challenge  

    Racing Games > Cars

    Take note: you will have to have skills at the wheel to reach every goal in ...

  • Fig 8  

    Racing Games

    In Fig 8, you control a bike riding over an immense technical drawing. Use the ...

  • Extreme Rally  

    Racing Games > Cars

    Be careful not to skid out of control on the roads! You'll have to finish first ...

  • Canine Cruisers  

    Action Games

    Dog overboard! In Canine Cruisers, you compete in car races - something that ...

  • Jump Gear 2  

    Other Games

    Jump Gear 2 is a racing game in which you can carve out your own course. To ...

  • Mechanism  

    Action Games

    Here's the first episode of Mechanism, bringing together several puzzles. The ...

  • Disruptive Ride  

    Racing Games > Cars

    You're surrounded by danger! In Disruptive Ride, use your car to flee various ...

  • Urban Truck  

    Racing Games > Cars

    In Urban Truck, you drive a truck over several courses with the goal of ...

  • Moto Ball  

    Action Games

    In Moto Ball, drive a motorcycle over various motocross courses, and find the ...

  • Replay Racer  

    Racing Games > Cars

    In the racing game Replay Racer, you're driving a car over a course of your ...

  • 4 Wheel Madness  

    Racing Games

    In 4 Wheel Madness, you drive a truck through a course. Use the arrow keys to ...

  • Riprage  

    Racing Games

    In Riprage, you drive a truck through a course. Use the arrow keys to drive the ...

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